Unpleasant odours can be very disturbing and cause hindrance. Is this an issue you can relate to? The problem is known (but not acted upon for various reasons includng political correctness and embarassment) in many indoor environments like professional kitchens, nursing homes, sport canteens, nurseries, hospitality facilities or offices. We can easily solve your odour problems with our customized air cleaners.
In practice, our air cleaners work in different stages to eliminate from coarser to finer particles and gases. By combining various types of pre-filters and main filters, we can target the different causes for odours and eliminate them instantly. Have a look at our specialised air cleaners or contact us for free individual advice.


Airborne dust particles have a negative impact on the performance of people and processes. We provide Euromate provides a wide range of professional air cleaners to remove all kinds of dust particles.
Both our commercial and industrial air cleaners work with sustainable principles. Our industrial air cleaners can be equipped with filters which can be cleaned and reused. The dust filters in our commercial air cleaners are made from reinforced environmentally friendly paper which is folded in such a way as to create an extremely large effective area of several square meters. Have a look at our commercial and industrial air cleaners or contact us for free customised advice.


Professional kitchens create grease and odours every day as a result from fumes released during cooking. Filtration is essential to make sure that grease does not settle in the ductwork and therefore prevents fires and reduces cleaning costs. Additionally, kitchen grease filtration avoids residuals of cooking odours. We offer a professional range of filter units for your kitchen air extraction.
The filter structure of our products ensures that the extraction volume always remains at the same level. The filters can easily be cleaned so the air cleaner continues to function optimally. By combining various types of pre filters and main filters we compose a filter application that applies to your needs. Please have a look at our kitchen fume filters or contact us directly for free individual advice.


Smoke, in particular tobacco smoke, is unpleasant and causes health issues for your staff. We offer a complete program of solutions to capture smoke so that your business stays within the legal obligation and keeps its positive image. Together with Euromate you can remove unpleasant (tobacco) smoke from workplaces in your company.
For tobacco smoke, depending on the space that is available in your company, you can choose to set up a smoking room or place a smoking cabin. The latter occupies little space and can easily be placed anywhere. Please have a look at our smoking cabins and air cleaners, ashtray, and smoking table for smoking rooms. Or contact us for free advice so that we can find the best solution for your company.


Besides odor, dust, smoke and grease, there are many other types of air pollutants, such as mercury vapor in dental practices. We offer solutions for almost every problem and will be happy to give you professional advice.
Whether you are looking for a solution to remove pollen, viruses, soot, microbiological contamination, aerosols, gases like mercury vapour or hair particles. Our air cleaners are equipped with one or more dedicated filters which extract the different pollutants and feed the cleaned air back into the room.Please contact us directly so that we can find the best solution for your company.

We Endorse Healthy Living

MARSMINT & FREEMAN TRADING FZC Marsmint & Freeman’s Indoor Air Quality division, formerly trading as Gulfmate Solutions, is a Dubai based company specializing in air purification with an emphasis on industrial and commercial environments. As distributors and sales/service agents of Euromate Pure Air (Netherlands) products across the GCC, we have since 2008 firmly established ourselves as the IAQ solution provider of choice across the region.

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Investigates the problem in-house & Environmental factors
Field inspection on the HVAC problem & Air movement Pathways
Observation on sources of airborne dusts, chemicals and allergens
In-depth knowledge of instruments & equipments used in air quality
Provide recommendations & appropriate solutions to improved Indoor Air

Our History

Launch of Gulfmate Solutions in UAE.
Clean Air Group rebrands to one brand name: Plymovent.
Introduction of the business units: Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Industrial Products, Exhaust Extraction.
Rebranding of Gulfmate Solutions - We are pleased to advise you that our group board has taken a decision to integrate the activities currently managed by Gulfmate Solutions with its sister firm Marsmint & Freeman Trading (Indoor Air Quality Division).
The business unit IAQ, ETS and KAF becomes an independent company under the brand name Euromate.

Words About Us

Our Solutions

Pollutants that are often invisible to the naked eye can influence indoor air quality. Unpleasant odours, fine dust, tobacco smoke or grease particles can affect your staff’s health and slow down working processes. Euromate offers a wide range of air cleaners to improve the indoor air quality of your company.

Our Missions

It is our mission to exceed customer’s expectation by offering innovative solutions for air purification. We are committed to our customers and partners and have a passion for hard work. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, partners and employees by honoring our commitments, providing results and striving for the highest quality.

Our Visions

Become the market leader in the GCC and the Middle East Region as a clean air solutions provider.
  • "Paving it's way to a healthier Indoor Air Quality" Marsmint & Freeman has met with great success in the installation of VisionAir CarbonMax units in the region e.g. in the toilets in malls, airports and nurseries and in pantries/smoking rooms and office environments in many office buildings in the GCC.

    CLEAN, Middle East

  • Hello Team, I've seen your smoking units installed in both the Abu-Dhabi airport and in Bahrain airport. As a smoker, I would like to congratulate you on the efficiency of your vents. The smoking room is almost smoke free! I can now smoke at an airport without having to worry about smelling like an ashtray and having my hair smoke like it's on fire! I genuinely hope you go global with your company, you have great potential. Good job!

    Ms. Lubna Rostom, MRO Company